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The prizes are great but let us not forget all the extras you get, in fact, we think some of them are even better. But first of all, we want to make sure you understand the judging process.

The criteria

The apps that meet the following criteria will most likely succeed:

  1. TEAM (competencies, experience and diversity / fulfilling the required means)
  2. QUALITY OF THE IDEA (creativity, originality, innovation and design of the user experience)
  3. VALUE & USE OF THE IDEA TO THE CITY (added value and relevance to the users)
  4. BUSINESS MODEL (commercial viability and potential of growth)
  5. FEASIBILITY (technical, operational and commercial)
  6. DATA SETS (LX Open Data use though not mandatory will be a criteria)

The jury will decide the batch that goes through to development, as well as the final winners, but don’t forget that there is one winner which has nothing to do with our judging – the popular vote.

Winner Prize Package

The prizes for the 3 jury chosen winners will each win the following:

  • Prize Money of 5.000,00 € (five thousand euros),
  • Additional Prize Money of 15.000,00 € (fifteen thousand euros) to be invested in the launch and marketing of the application (app), once the winners elaborate and present a business plan, up to a month after the winners are announced,
  • Go-to-market support and help with the launch from Vodafone Portugal,
  • Support in setting up a company in Portugal, should that be the case, courtesy of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, in specific their entrepreneurship department,
  • Working space in the period of incubation for 3 people during the 6 months of incubation, courtesy of Tec Labs in Lisbon, at a time agreed to by all parties involved, courtesy of Vodafone Portugal,
  • Support through mentorship during the incubation period along with a coach and a series of monthly meetings with a panel of mentors courtesy of Vodafone Portugal,
  • Membership of the SoftLayer startup incubator, their Catalyst Program, which will give you the following goodies:
    • Free best-in-class hosting, a $1000/month credit for hosting for one full year with SoftLayer, integrating the best-in-class technology and connectivity into the industry’s only fully-automated platform, with complete access, control, security and scalability. That includes dedicated servers, cloud servers or a hybrid compute environment
    • Mentoring: You’ll get connected with SoftLayer’s award-winning Innovation Team. These are the über smart guys who created the SoftLayer Automated Platform. They’re our most senior technology team, and they’re experts at things like massively scalable software and hardware architectures, cloud, globally distributed computing, security, “Big Data” databases and all the other crazy new “best and next” practices in modern and forward-looking compute.
    • Increased international market visibility: Catalyst startups receive marketing opportunities with SoftLayer like guest blog posts on the InnerLayer, video interviews, white papers and use cases to help you tell the world about the cool stuff you’re doing. When you’re out of Beta, ask about our Technology Partners Marketplace, which exposes you to thousands of our customers.

The other 4 winners, one of which is voted by the public, that receive an honorable mention, will not have access to the money prizes, but will still receive the following:

  1. Go-to-market support and help with the launch from Vodafone Portugal
  2. Support in setting up a company in Portugal, should that be the case, courtesy of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, in specific their entrepreneurship department

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